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Us open non coverage

Question asked by marc0753 on Aug 29, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2014 by cdittmer

I believe that the president of Shaw has really dropped the ball on the new tsn channel roll out , ok everyone knows that , as another member has stated we would never have gotten the great coverage of court 7 or 11 wow so exciting.  I wouldn't have had to go to the bar to watch Genie Bouchard last night ,thanks again.  Perhaps shaw's president should consider giving anyone in the rural areas or anywhere that doesn't have tsn3,4,5 at this point either 50% of nfl sunday ticket or nhl center ice.  I have had to go to all other places to watch real tennis which is unacceptable and I know many others that feel the same.  Ok the major cities have it , isn't that great if you live in Medicine Hat, or any rural place? No it sucks and In fact in my area every other tv provider has it.  I keep wondering why am I with Shaw , not exactly sure because I'm sure channels will be in place by midweek next week when its down to the quarterfinals and we can see them all.. Long story short get tsn 3,4,5 to ALL rural areas immediately , it cant be that hard there have been barely any cities added since Monday , I was told Thunder Bay today wow. Isnt' everyone excited about that .. Plain and simple apologize and get us our channels already


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