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pvr dcx 3510-m problems

Question asked by rharbar on Sep 3, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 30, 2015 by shaw-matt

I installed this pvr in march 2014 replacing my old Motorola 250 g hd with the 500 g hd and reclaiming some lost hd channels that had been recently converted to the mp4 format I however still kept my old box downstairs suffering the loss of mp3 to mp4 channels. 


There are several issues with the dcx 3510-m pvr but the most irritating are as follows:


1. pvr either while watching a live cable show or while on recorded playback just for no reason or warning black out the tv screen and enters a boot sequence.

2. recorded programs on playback jump from viewing status to  menu status and refuse to play back the rest of the recording even though the entire program is showing as being recorded and available...


Needless to say I am very happy I did not replace my downstairs old but true pvr and unless it dies .


Does anyone else have any of these issues and is there a solution other than the same old reformat your hd and hope for a miracle...many more issues to numerous to mention at this time.