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Slow Streaming to Apple TV

Question asked by dhinks on Sep 27, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 5, 2012 by y091918

I have an Apple TV connected by ethernet to my router (which is connected by ethernet to my shaw modem).  We are having some problems with streaming of content (most notably HD content).


We are subscribed to the Broadband 50, which should, theoretically, provide with ample speeds for streaming.  Test on my computer that are also connected by ethernet cable to the router produce interesting results.  I can get variable results on Shaw speedtest, with the start or end of the speedtest at close to 40-50Mbs and the remaining at slower speeds.  My last test averaged 11.6Mbs download.  With I get results, depending on the server I've selected, that are usually much slower at 7.5Mbs taken near the same time as the shaw speedtest.


We have rented a movie with Apple TV and were frustrated when the streaming kept stopping and starting during the viewing.  We ended up renting the movie through EXO on demand with no problems.


Are there network settings with the Apple TV that I could optimize to achieve satisfactory speeds?  It's been suggest to use my ISP's DNS.  Where could I find that information?  I've set my DNS to a google DNS and the problems were resolved for a few nights and then things slowed down again.


We are looking forward to any suggestions.