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Shaw)Go App Error Message: Shaw Gateway Manager is having trouble communicating with your Gateway

Question asked by wileyk on Sep 9, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2014 by wileyk

Hello Shaw Community…help needed please with an issue on the Shaw)Go Gateway app. I’m on the latest iPad version 2.3.0 (build 2327). The app has been working flawlessly in all aspects until today when I deleted a “series” and tried to add another. The app just kept spinning like it was hung and then gave me the error message “Shaw Gateway Manager is having trouble communicating with your Gateway". Make sure that your Gateway and Portals are turned on and try again”. I tried again and got the same message. So I went and made all the “series" changes on the Portal / Gateway directly, which worked just fine. I logged off the app, cycled the power on the iPad and logged back into the app. The app booted fine but the changes I made on the Gateway weren’t there. I tried to “sync” each Portal and also add an episode. I got the same error message every time. My computer and Gateway networks are working just fine but the app appears whooped! All suggestions on how to correct this are welcome! THX!