Are you experiencing a badly formed request error on Gateway?

Discussion created by marshallw on Sep 28, 2012

So its the weekend and for a lot of people that means its time for Video On Demand.

Unfortunately there appears to be some customers who are unable to access this feature on their Gateways.

Here's a couple steps that may solve the problem without needing to call technical support


Step 1 Please close the Video On Demand menu by pressing the live TV button at the top right of the remote

Step 2 Login to the with your shaw e-mail or online customer care account

Step 3 Place an order from the TV section (the vast majority of this content is available at no charge)

Step 4 Press the menu button on your remote. If Video On Demand does not appear right away please press the right arrow until it appears.


If these steps do not work, or you don't have a Shaw e-mail address please give Gateway support a call at 1-855-812-5090 and they'll try to get things up and running again.


Enjoy your movies!