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Wifi very slow!!

Question asked by trancathy3 on Sep 10, 2014
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I am with Shaw for my internet and i have the 20 high speed for internet at my home.


In July i painted my room, meaning that i had to unplug everything, including all the internet,router,modem, etc.

I plugged everything back together like it was afterwards...but ever since then, my internet has gone funky.

My internet was really fast and I could watch videos without it lagging and with good quality. Now, my wifi does the opposite. Sometimes even, I would be on my iphone and it says I am connected to the wifi at my house but i could never able to refresh or send anything. It also is very slow....This happens quite often. I try unplugging and replugging the power of my SMC Networks SMC8014WN. It will work, and sometimes not. And it is just annoying to do this each time.


What should i do?


I have a SMC Netwoks SMC8014WN modem and a LINKYS Phone Adapter with Router SPA2102-R