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connecting  a d-link router to shaw cisco

Question asked by pack on Sep 21, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2014 by corbin

The problem stems from the fact that the cisco router does not provide a consistent signal upstairs to the 3rd floor.  I can go over there during the day on a weekday when traffic is lighter and it seems to work fine.  At night when neighbor traffic and internal traffic is busier the signal drops.  However downstairs there never seems to be a problem


I quickly thought that connecting a rj45 from the cisco to the wan on the dlink would give me a second accessable wifi location in my daughter's 3 storey house, where the connection to the cisco is flakey.  This did not work. I have asked for the model numbers since you will be asking me.


the ideal situation would be is to have the rj45 run from the basement   source of the shaw modem  dcp3825 upstairs to the d-link router

which could be used either wired or wireless.  I also want the current cisco router to remain wireless, since it works downstairs just fine


Your comments please.

DPC3825isco DPC3825