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Shaw  Webspace - Can't make selections inside edit dialog box on my site

Question asked by cgyracer on Sep 24, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2014 by ricon

Hello, I've had my webpage for several years now, use it and edit it all the timeand now when I switched to a new computer I can't make any changes anymore.  Same as always when I edit I select "Edit this page" and the edit dialog box appears with my page I want to edit inside of it.  I can type in any changes in text but as soon as I click on any buttons within the dialog box at the top of the box such as "insert file", "insert picture", "italics", "bold", "align left".....all functions, nothing selects.   I see the button get highlighted when I click on it but nothing happens.


I can edit on any other computer but not this new one.  It has to be a setting of some sort!   I would think others have seen this before, any help would be great!!