2 yr contract question again... Confused

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Ok, so I read all the comments under the original forum, but wasn't able to reply to any for sone reason ...

My query is this... We just moved and the shaw fellow came on a Friday early afternoon, was there til 6pm or so... We got the package with a Gateway and a couple of the boxes (pvr's??).  There were router, modem on the floor in husbands' office, where his chair goes for him to get in /out, there was a splitter and it was a MESS in his office.  We thought we had a bit of time yo test it out yo see what we thought ( note: we have been Shaw customers for internet & home phone forever) - this brought tv in the mix). After about 2 wks. We decided to go with Telus because we have the fiber optics wired in our new home (didn't realize at the time)  intake in the Gateway and 2 PVR's to shaw yesterday and was hit with a $ 638.28 bill !!!!   1 person on original feed mentioned people being paranoid .... I couldn't have painted a picture like this. 


Psi understand the $15 per mo. For the 2 yrs., I have read that on the website, however I also have $369.60 they charged for the service agreement - we were under the impression we had approx a month to see if it worked for us and we could bring back with the service agreement being reversed.  And then there's a $268.65 for 2 months of something ???  ........ $638.28 it cost us to try the Gateway thing out for 2wks and take all equipment back in their boxes.  We have never had anything against Shaw but what is this ???

My husband truly can't recall getting a copy of the service agreement, it was so crazy that day... 1st day in house and shaw guy there for all afternoon on a Friday ....seriously - could this be ?  I'll call Shaw cust service tomorrow , can't find any info on the internet about the service agreement ... Gotta go - time for bed & I need to wind down now ... NO tv, just relax. Thanks for listening ... But DO YOUR HOMEWORK !  Main point here