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Open port in modem-Motorola router SBG6782-HH

Question asked by naveenezone on Sep 27, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2014 by naveenezone

    Hi shaw team, I need help in opening port 80 in Motorola router SBG6782-HH.

OI did the following,

1) I checked the wan ip logging into the administration link

By following, Basic -> setup.

Verified the WAN IP and LAN IP:

2) Using that I navigated to Advanced - Port Forwarding


I entered the following

External IP Address &
Start/End Port
Local IP Address &
Start/End Port


80 / 80

80 / 80

XBOX 360



* For the privacy I mentioned the WAN ip as X.X.X.X.

Now I am able to test within the lan network, in cmd prompt in windows machine.

telnet local_ip 80

telnet wan_ip 80

both results were success.

3) But when I checked the site,   

Open Port Check Tool


The port 80 is not opened. I need to figure out what went wrong.

Thanks in Advance.