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Gateway Expander Issues

Question asked by aflamand on Sep 29, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 29, 2016 by yendor

I have now have disconnected my expander from the Gateway system as it is not reliable!  The gateway was stating that the expander could not be located, so I would have to disconnect it for a few minutes and then plug it back it, it would then work, but not for long.  I would have to do this every couple of days and it usually went down just in a middle of a recording or watching live TV and the TV would lose the whole cable connection.  I had the support fellas out here once and they said that the expander was in short supply.  I have phoned in multiple times to be told the same thing.  I went to the SHAW store in Chinook only to be told that SHAW does not carry the expander and I would have to go to a 3rd party supplier to buy an expander.  That is frustrating as I bought this system from SHAW and paid extra for the expander expected it to work and have reliable hardware and service for the products.  I find that the limited 65 hours of HD PVR is frustrating and makes going on holidays or trying to record the new fall shows basically difficult to manage.  I used to highly recommend the Gateway system, but now I am considering moving to another cable provider if there is no issue or resolution to the expander situation I would consider moving to another cable provider.


Is anyone else having the same issues out there??