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Super slow streaming any online video!

Question asked by dempsey on Oct 5, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 28, 2012 by [shaw]ali
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hellow shaw...



it's been around 3-4 days now since i started noticing how slow my online video streaming.. a very high pings when i play download speed is getting crazy from 20/mbps went down to 0.06/mbps most of the time,,i get 100 pings and 0.46 uploads but when it doesn't seem real..because whenever i stream videos before its averagely fast..but now its slower than my 3G smart phone..

i have done everything i could to diagnose everything on my computer..even system restore.. i also checked the difference between normal boot and safe mode boot ( with networking ) the result is in safe mode boot w/ networking is perfectly fine..i scanned my whole computer every 14hrs..because i want to find out if its the problem is on my computer or not..


my Router is new and my modem is 3yr old i guess...i even bought a new ethernet cable just to make sure...


please help me!! I'm about to subscribe to telus because of this...( and i don't want that to happen )