Errors in Program Guide - repeat vs first run

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This has been an ongoing problem since I first obtained a Shaw PVR and I know
the blame rests with "another department". Love it.



This problem occures most frequently with the smaller networks, some irronically owned by Shaw.  For some
reason the information contained about certain programs always indicates the
program is a "first run", or always a "re-run". As a result a PVR will record the
same program over and over again or not at all. Even if the PVR (or Gateway) is
programmed for "no duplicates", once the program has been watched and
deleted, the same episode will be recorded again, as some of the smaller
networks run some of their series ever hour or so for days and days.



What makes things worse is the fact that apparently the field that tells a
PVR or Gateway that the program is or is not a repeat isn't one we can see. The
details we see can show nothing, or can show repeat, but the actual indicator
can be different.



As a result I usually just say screw it and forget about watching that



When I have the time and the program is of special interest I will look
ahead to "See all times" and lets say knowing the original airing is
a Thursday at 9:00 PM on Channel XXX I will manually pick that
"rerun". Of course if I'm away for more than two weeks I'm screwed.



I can't help but thinking, what if I was the sponsor of XYZ program and I
paid good money to support this program and likely many potential viewers have
just given up because watching the program I've paid good money to support with
my commercials.



Nobody seems to care. Shaw, the provider, says "Oh, it's not us it's
the station/network (whatever) thanks for calling,,, oh and if I can be of any
further assistance please call again,,,, bye. (ie, "it's not my



Today, I happened to review on my Gateway, to see what my Gateway is going
to be recording this week. To my surprise, NBC's Dateline, which I have been
recording for a long time [first run only] is scheduled to record not only at
10:00 PM on Friday, but Wednesday at 10, Friday at 10, Saturday at 10, Sunday
at 10, Monday at 2 AM, then Thursday at 10. And, of course, the description of
each program is "very" accurate "Investigative Journalism"
Now maybe this week is very special and original Dateline episodes are being
aired Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Thursda, but somehow I doubt the 2 AM
Monday episode is first run.



Oh, I know it's not Shaw, so "thanks for calling". Email a network
? ya, right.



My guess it the newest clerk, lowest on the totem pole at every network gets
the crap job of inputting the "details" of these programs and this is
the result.



Look at this another way... sometimes using extreme examples illustrates
things better. What if there were no Program Guides, electronic or in print,
there was no reliable way to find out what was on TV except to
"surf", you know the way it is in a strange city staying in a hotel.
How successful would the viewing number be ??? You see how important it is to
have good Program Guides ?



Also love the way reruns are often described. Never do we see real details like
ie Police Squad : "season 2 ep 4,,, Joe is arrested for......" We get
Police Squad : "Police Squad",,, or Police Squad: "Crime
Drama" I say "Thanks for all the help, station, I'll watch a station
that provides info.