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Can't send email from Thunderbird out of the blue

Question asked by smilesooner on Oct 10, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 11, 2014 by noah



I am a longtime Thunderbird user and no problems until recently.


I find I cannot send emails form one of my shaw accounts in Thunderbird and the other one is flakey - sometimes yes and sometimes no.


The settings on both are the same and no problems to receive emails - webmail works for sending.


The outgoing server is set to - which has worked in past.


I can't seem to change to which seems to be new server - only gives me drop downs of a few choices.


One of the choices is "account name" - - this is available for my "account name" account and the other one, but it works for neither when I chose it. Trying to send with this, a popup asks for my password - which I give for the email account and it fails to connect with server. Thunderbird doesn't seem to allow me to insert simply ""


I am running Thunderbird 31.1.2, which makes it up to date - this problem did not start with any change or upgrade to Thunderbird.


Thanks for any help or advice to resolve this!