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NFL reg season - week by week discussion

Question asked by [shaw]ali on Oct 9, 2012
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Hey folks, we haven't seen any sports discussions going on so I thought I'd start this thread for all us NFL fans on here.


This has been a season full of headlines and controversy and we've missed the first 4 weeks, so I'll start off by talking about week 5.


Week 5 was headlined by the epic QB match-up: Brady vs. Manning

What's your call on what was the biggest headline for week 5?


Manning completed just over 70 percent of his passes for 345 yards and three TD’s with zero interceptions.

While Brady threw for 223 yards and a single TD, but the Pats won!


My call: Personally, I thought this QB duel was going to be the biggest storyline heading in to Week 5 but it looks to me like Drew Brees stole the spotlight once again from these two top flight quarterbacks by breaking Johnny Unitas’ 52 year old record for consecutive weeks with a TD pass; so I declare him the big story of week 5!


shaw-sean You might agree with me?


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