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DCT 3080 does not power on.

Question asked by jumamosi on Oct 8, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2012 by [shaw]jeff

With my DCT 3080, initially lost 'Guide' ( all programming showed as 'To Be Announced' although I never turn the power off), followed by losing my PVR recordings.Upto this time I could enter channels manually & watch TV.When I pressed 'LIST' on the remote, get the message 'No DVR Service Available'.The following morning found the box had turned itself 'off' &  could not turn it back on  by either pressing "Power" on the remote or the box.Unplugged power cord, waited a few minutes & reconnected.Still cannot turn it on.I know the unit has power because the cooling fan spins & I can see a red 'led' light inside the box through the vent holes on top.Is my box dead or is there a way to reboot it ?.