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Legacy Hardware and new Channels

Question asked by ryansuter on Oct 11, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 11, 2012 by mark_vse

With the launch of FX today I realized that all 3 of our HDPVRs are not MPEG-4 compatible and I will not be able to receive this channel. I get the impression that most new HD channels will be encoded this way as they use less bandwidth.


I tweeted @Shawhelp on twitter this morning and asked them about swap or upgrade programs for customers with old hardware and got this response, "Hello Ryan. At this time we no longer have any swap programs for older HD digital boxes."


I expect to have to pay something for new hardware, but not over $1000 dollars to keep using a service that I pay monthly for. I was hoping that an exchange program would be created where we can turn in old hardware for a discount on new, maybe the old boxes could be used to help with the DNU, so it could be completed faster. I'm sure there are Shaw customers with no hardware who would welcome getting DCTs.


Can anyone from Shaw comment on this issue, which I'm sure we will be hearing a lot more about as new channels are added that cannot be viewed on old hardware. Not to mention the new HD guide that I'm sure people will be eager to adopt.


Thanks for reading.