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Problem with SHAW 1056B03 Remote Control, don't want work with Cabel Pace DC758D

Question asked by ericcaff on Oct 9, 2012
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I have problem with SHAW 1056B03 remote control, he don't want work with cabel box Pace DC758D. When I bring at home all this stuff everything work fine, then I try program the Remote work with my TV together i'll fine instruction and program codes her ( Atlas OCAP DVR Set Up (1056-BC) ) but nothing works for me and then i think I don"t need this anymore because nothing work. But after hours work I try to change my Cabel chanels nothing hapend, offcourse i try again programing Remote with Cabel now I'll try all this Instructions and rogram Codes, but nothing work. For me not wor this codes:1877 ; 1376 ; 0237 ; 0008 maybe i do something wrong. I do like this:


  • Turn on a device and, if applicable, insert video media, (e.g., cassette or
  • On the remote control, press a device key once (i.e., VCR, DVD, AUD, TV, or
    CBL); it will blink once. Then press and hold SETUP until the selected mode key
    blinks twice.
  • Use the lookup tool below to locate the type of device and brand name and
    then enter the first four-digit code for your device. If performed correctly,
    the selected mode key will blink twice.

    NOTE: If the selected mode key
    emits a long blink, the entry is invalid. Repeat steps 2 through 3 and try
    entering the same code again.
  • Aim the remote control at the device and press PWR once. The device should
    turn off. If it does not, repeat steps 2 through 3, trying each code for your
    brand until you find one that works.

I do all this when my Cabel and TV work, maybe I need something Unpluged???