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SBG6782 DNS Issue

Question asked by brownman65 on Oct 25, 2014
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I have terrible internet which has been ongoing since last year (Ticket 27257596 for the Shaw Guys) in Ravenscroft (Aidrie AB). Shaw offered me a brand new SBG6782 Modem which was installed this morning (Cisco DPC3825 was my old modem/router). Looks like speeds have improved but i'm having trouble with the Manual DNS. I read some threads that indicated a firmware update should provide a fix but there is no timetable. So i'm stuck in a tough spot, keep the SBG6782 which provides a decent speed but no manual DNS or revert back to Cisco DPC3825 with manual DNS but SLOW speeds (talking like 2.5mbs during peak times, brutal). Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated