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lag spikes(2-3K ping)

Question asked by kail021592 on Oct 30, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 5, 2014 by shaw-colin

So for the last few weeks ive had TERRIBLE lag and ping out of seemingly nowhere. It not constant, it just spikes in once in a while. I notice it most when gaming (League of Legends, DOTA, CS:GO, Archeage, etc.) but i have noticed it at other times, namely when trying to watch streamed videos and the like. It pretty much disconnects me and im forced to reset the connection to get anything to work again


Now, what ive done to check this out. I downloaded a VPN to see if i could make things work that way, which it did not in the case of League of Legends and DOTA(i didnt try with other games, i pretty much just called it a fail at that point). Ive ran a virus scan and updated to the latest drivers, then rolled back a set of drivers to see if there was a stability issue. Ive ran ping and tracert tests to the game servers which revealed nothing new to me, other then the hops i was taking. The weirdest thing is that all lag spikes i get seem to originate at my router itself( i ping myself and another server(lets say LoL for the sake of popularity) and watch the two, i never run into a situation where JUST league will lag. Its always league AND 192. Im not sure what that means exactly, but it was happening. The last thing i tried was booting in safe mode W networking and running the 192 ping test, to which i got no bad signals for over 45 minutes(i usually see them once ever 5-10).


I am at my wits end, and i have tried calling tech support several times, but i feel like its hard for them to visualize my problem properly. I have images to show what i mean as well- if need be i can link them.