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PVR Content - "paid" for personal viewing? Can Shaw turn it off?

Question asked by altabear on Oct 11, 2012
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We purchased a Shaw pvr years ago.


Loved using it to record programs.  Because we pay a monthly fee to Shaw, we're able to watch tv and download movies, shows, hockey games etc.


I assume that we can use them for personal viewing, and keep them for such - as we have paid our monthly fee to Shaw for the privelege.


Recently, we realized that there really is nothing but (almost) bad shows on television, and turned off our cable.


At least we have the several really funny comedy shows that we saved ON our pvr while we were paying for Shaw cable.  We looked forward to enjoying them - but SURPRISE - the pvr is deactivated!


I talked to a Shaw person on the phone and she explained that IF you don't pay a monthly fee and cancel your cable, the pvr "phones home" to Shaw and gets a "no service" signal and "turns off"!


This thing I paid $300+ for and have shows ON, which I also paid for is now deactivated, and holding the shows I paid for captive.

- IF you can't record shows onto your pvr without having paid service, then it would be true to say 100% of shows on your personal pvr are shows you paid for.


- Shaw doesn't seem to care, so I wonder what the best next suggestion to get my pvr turned on so I can watch the shows I recorded?

- perhaps it's a bigger discussion - maybe CRTC or something?