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Shaw dynamic IP Address

Question asked by vfletcher on Nov 2, 2014
Latest reply on May 18, 2016 by corbin

We're setting up business based on interactions with customers through our website on an unauthenticated basis.... no account/password sign-in. We have several pieces of data that assist us in ensuring that only the recipients of our emails are clicking the embedded links and arriving at our website. IP address helps us a little in this regard and allows us to filter out malicious visits. I have 3 related questions. First, do many residential customers have static IP addresses? Second, and more importantly, how often to dynamic IP addresses change in a residential context. Third, when an IP address is changed, does Shaw retire the old IP address for some time period or is likely that is reassigned quickly. For our application, if they change on average every month, we probably need to disregard IP address matches that involve data more than a few weeks old (depending on whether changed IP addresses remain dormant for a period of time).


Just a couple other points. First, we recognize the answers to the above questions are ISP specific. Second, we are in full compliance with Bill C-28 and all Canada Anti-Spam Legislation.