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android setup did not work help.

Question asked by edx on Oct 13, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2012 by edx

I've attempted to set up my shaw mail on my android 2.3.6 phone. I'm afraid the guide here helped little as on my phone there is

no manual setup option

no box for 'login required'

no option 'STARTTLS' for outgoing

and no box require sign in

So what I do have set up following the numbers in the guide is

5. full email address

6. email password

8. POP3

9.Enter the following information: for the Incoming Server Settings: (fig. c)

    1. Username: your full email address including “” (This may
    2. Password: your email password
    3. POP Server:
    4. Security type: None
    5. Server port: 110

        Note that (this may... is not complete in the instructions

10  OK

11. no option 'login required'


  1. Username: your full email address including “”
  2. Password: your email password
  3. SMTP server:
  4. Server port: 587
  5. Security type: STARTTLS (accept all certificates) or TLS / STARTTLS only.


Note there is NO 'STARTTLS' option and I selected ttls on the phone

13 there is no option 'require sign in'


I have web mail 2.0 yet 'exchange' is not an option on my phone so it seems it doesn't apply?

At present I can view my emails on the phone but cannot send,forward or reply.

I have experimented with the options displayed on the phone regarding authentication and 'apop' login'

I also noticed in the web mail page that my device is not listed