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'Nuisance' window, whenever THUNDERBIRD is open

Question asked by geochi on Nov 4, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 4, 2014 by geochi

I am having a problem with a nuisance window whenever THUNDERBIRD is open.  This window is apparently to do with the 'invalidity' of an ID certificate associated with Zimbra Collaboration Suite.  I will attempt to attach screen-shots of the relevant windows I have been able to access by manipulating any buttons on the nuisance window. The 'screen-shots are in the order I was able to access them, but they may as well be written in Chinese Characters, for all the good it does me.  I just want the opening of this nuisance window to stop, and to NOT RETURN !


This problem has been ongoing (manifesting every few minutes) since the middle of September 2014.  I have been in touch with Both Shaw Customer Service/support, and the contact email address for Zimbra.  I have yet to contact 'Zimbra support', which may not even be designed to assist end users such as myself.