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No sound with picture from Motorola DCT3416

Question asked by ponderer on Nov 7, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2014 by kevinds

When I try to play back a recording or watch live TV, there is no sound from one PVR.  The second PVR works fine.  I swapped the HDMI cables and the cables and the HDMI ports on the TV work fine with the second PVR, so the problem is with the first PVR.  Since there is no sound from either live TV, today's recordings or past recordings that I have played successfully but left on the PVR, then the problem lies within the PVR, not the cable lead or the HDMI out.  Is there anything about the setup (programming) of the machine that might have gone wonky, or is it a function of age - it is about 7 years old?  Pressing the mute button on the remote does not make any difference to the sound, regardless of which remote I use, and "muting" displays and disappears as it should, on the screen.


Previously this PVR would sometimes drop the sound on playback, but rewinding a bit and starting again would play the 'missing' sound.  Any suggestions, besides getting a new PVR?