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Cascading routers - opening ports

Question asked by victosk on Nov 8, 2014
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I've got Shaw's original Cisco router at

In Port Range forwarding I opened port 22 for SSH access and specified IP

I have another Cisco router at


For better firewall security, I connect Shaw's Cisco router to second router in a traditional way (the second router is plugged into a modem socket).

I then configure my second Cisco router to also open port 22 and this time IP is (second router is where I connect my devices and I use Shaw's router as a modem). is address of Shaw's router that I use to connect to second Cisco router. is address of my laptop that I need to allow SSH access to it.


I don't understand why I cannot access via SSH with this configuration.  If I connect Shaw's router directly to my laptop at It works.  But I want to have extra router for security and connect via second router that assigns my laptop


How can I make SSH (port 22) connection go through Shaw's AND my second router?  Any ideas?