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    Gateway PVR


      I thinks it is crap Shaw is offering new channels only available with new hardware, I paid 700 dollars for my PVR a few years ago.  Deciding factor for me if I decide to purchase is can I transfer the hours of recordings I have on my PVR to this new Gateway hardware.  If not no way I am buying this thing no matter what they offer.

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          You can not transfer the data. It is locked to the hardware that recorded it.

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            Thanks decision made will not purchasing it.  Do not need FX Canada HD that bad!!  Shaw sucks for making their have to even consider it.  Apparently some Shaw customers are 2nd class citizens in their eyes.

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              The Gateway isn't the only piece of hardware that can get FX Canada HD. Any digital box that is MPEG4 compatible can view the channel. That means our DCX3200, DCX3400, Gateway and even the older Pace Summit and Aspen units can handle MPEG4 content so you are not restricted to looking at the Gateway. The Gateway is by far our most advanced device for the top tier hardware enthusiasts and we wouldn't force any non-enthusiast customers to purchase it.

              If you don't currently have an MPEG4 device, I'd probably recommend a DCX3400 since it is our current PVR and mid-range device. That being said, we are launching new hardware right now with our new HD Guide and a PVR is on it's way.  http://shaw.ca/television/hd-guide/#hardware


              We have various ranges of products for all our different types of customers and their entertainment needs. The transition to MPEG4 streams is a market driven choice and allows us to use less bandwidth while providing high quality and the newest standards to our customers. Just as one would have to upgrade their phone to get the newer features and standards, cable box hardware too goes through new improvements.

              gamerguy is definitely correct in that, no matter what devices, you cannot transfer recordings from one unit to another.

              Hopefully this info is useful for you, don't hesitate to ask any other questions!



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                The same could be said for only offering HD channels on 'newer' hardware...


                The Aspen is what 4 years old now?

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                  No offense to you but I do have to laugh a little.  I got a Motorola 3416 I bought a few years ago for 700 dollars,  I also have hours of programming on it I am not willing to lose to buy a new PVR for one new channel in HD.  I think you should be offering channels to all customers and not just to the ones that buy the new hardware (I am pretty sure I am not the only customer who feels this way)   When you go full blown mpeg4 then I may start  over fresh with you (or elsewhere) whoever gives me the best deal and option of choice.   I will cross that bridge when I get to it.  It is not worth the hassle right now.  I can watch American Horror Story by other means.



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                    Ya, I definitely understand the hesitation about the recordings. I was the same way when I went from my Summit to the Gateway, but eventually I made the switch and sacrificed all the old movies I had on it. It hurt my girlfriend more, she was mad at me for quite a while about that one...


                    Like I mentioned, MPEG4 looks to be the way we are going now to prevent any future bandwidth concerns and provide more channels to our customers. Just about all of our recent HD channel launches have been MPEG4. If FX Canada wasn't an MPEG4 stream, we probably would have had to limit it to DNU Only areas which would have been an even smaller subset of customers because then it's not just about hardware but where you live.


                    If you are looking for some kind of indication or endorsement to go MPEG4, our recent channel launches including FX Canada combined with our Digital Network Upgrade efforts to alleviate bandwidth concerns is probably a good one. I definitely expect MPEG4 to be our HD standard going forward. I definitely understand the frustration and the last thing I am trying to be is a salesman, just want to make sure you know that MPEG4 is the future for Shaw.

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                      Just to add on to what Andrew is saying, to date we have added 3 channels that are in Mpeg4, Sunday ticket, NHL Center ICE, and there is more HD channels to come slated for the same format.


                      As you said for one channel it might not make sense to switch to a newer box that supports this.


                      Now i wanted to address this comment made:

                      "I think you should be offering channels to all customers and not just to the ones that buy the new hardware (I am pretty sure I am not the only customer who feels this way)"


                      I can give you an example where the above statement just isn't possible or makes sense.


                      Rogers Bell and Telus are all upgrading their networks to LTE, which require specific smart phones (iphone 5, Galaxy S3 etc.).  LTE is available to me if i choose by purchasing new hardware (new Iphone5 as an example).  My subscription doesn't change, similar to FX canada being added to packages without an additional fee. Without the proper hardware however i wouldn't be able access either.  Your statement above is like saying to Bell, Rogers, Telus that with my current hardware limitations that only allows 3G, that i want the benefits of LTE speeds on my existing 3G network.   Doesn't make sense does it....


                      Technology evolves, and unfortunately to get new features, added functionality, access to new media, faster speeds etc, it requires upgrades in one way or another.  Today Mpeg4 (H264) is the optimized standard for Video, soon a new Mpeg draft will be standardized (H265) which again cuts the bandwidth by half from Mpeg4,  without sacrificing picture quality. To all telecommunication companies, that provides so many opportunities in bandwidth saving, adding new channels, cost savings. If and when the new standard is used, that will also translate to new Set Top boxes in the future supporting H265, and eventually something that Shaw will offer in some point in time.  If we don't evolve when standards and technology change, Shaw would never grow as a company, or be a technology leader in the industry.


                      Hopefully you gain some understanding on why we made the move towards more Mpeg4 content (VOD/Linear Channels).  Overall from a customer perspective it is better for you in the long run as it will provide more HD channels and better picture quality as already stated by Andrew.


                      There are options out there for you, and if you want to hold off in purchasing equipment that is your choice. I would recommend if you go down the path of a DCX box, to wait for the next gen box coming soon that will have the HD Guide on it.  Otherwise if you want to go for a more superior product, i suggest gateway.  There may even be sales in the future that may persuade you to upgrade your hardware.  All in all, there is also the option of keeping your old hardware, purchase new with an expander and switch between the two when you want to watch your old recordings.  The most cost effective way in my opinion would be to jump on gateway, trade in your 3416 for a portal (that is if you have more than 1 TV in the home) and enable them both for PVR accessibility. I would take advantage of the current trade in program, as i would assume eventually the 3416 at some point may not be eligable.  if you only have 1 tv, then you would only need the gateway itself (cheaper at 3rd party retailers), and trade in the 3416 for a portal.  Content can always be recovered in one way or another (VOD, on the internet etc, just the same as you stated that " I can watch American Horror Story by other means.")


                      One last thing i wanted to mention, the content that you currently have on your existing PVR cannot be transfered to any other hardware. The encryption is done through a broadcom chipset (it's in hardware) so if you remove that expander off the box to another, the content is lost when a reformat is performed. Just wanted to clarify that so you don't think that purchasing another motorola box will allow you to move the hard drive over.  The expander is linked to the box it is connected to.

                      Hope the information provided has helped,



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                        That was really well put, Mark.


                        I have hated having to buy new equipment every few years but it has been what is necessary in order to keep up with the improvements in technology.  Your phone analogy is a really good one as I am pretty sure I have had to buy more phones than I have PVRs.


                        Keeping content isn't something that these things are intended for either.  I have always said that.  If your box goes down and you have a lot of stuff recorded on an external drive, it is all lost as well.  So, despite how we as consumers would like all things to be, we seldom get them as either laws or liabilities prohibit common sense from prevailing and we are left with what we are offered.  You don't have to change up unless you want to take full advantage of the updated services.  Everyone with an analog TV can still get basic channels, unless DNU has been completed, but that too is changing, isn't it?


                        We hear and understand the frustration of this situation but there is little any of us can do about it.  I have found it easier to accept it and take full advantage of any 'sale' opportunities that might pop up from time to time.

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                          If you're going to reference other companies, I'm going to mention Bell.


                          They recently (earlier this year) switched to MPEG4 for all HD channels, everybody with an HD receiver that was not able to view MPEG4 stations, was upgraded for free to the newer models, they were shipped to the customers to swap out.

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                            Its not to say shaw hasn't done its fair share of giving stb's for free when we undertake big changes.


                            I can name two off the top of my head:


                            1) NHL CI and NfL sunday ticket.  The year it moved from mpeg2 to mpeg4, shaw swapped boxes for mpeg4 ones (in that year) for people who subscribed.

                            2) and the second what i would consider similar to your example is dnu and reclaiming 3 tiers.  Every customer gets a digital box for this initiative.


                            One other thing to note with your example, bell would have had a huge backlash if they switched all their HD channels to mpeg4 and expected all their customers to pay for an upgraded box. Can you imagine if we did the same with dnu and told people to buy a digital box to keep your tiers that you pay for.  People would have been screaming.


                            In any event, you provided a good example, but i don't think it quite applies with this certain scenario. If we did a mass conversion to mpeg4 for all hd channels, i would assume a box would be provided similar to dnu.



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                              Again no offense.  I work in the TV production industry so I know all about new technology.  Your phone company  analogy is not a good one because we are talking Television not phones.  Besides with a phone on a 3G network you still get all the service you get on a 4G network just a little slower not as fast as 4G but you still get it.


                              2nd point the two big things shaw switched to MPEG 4 was Centre Ice and NFL Sunday Ticket.  Pay for View sporting packages for a very direct target audience.  Good stagedy for Shaw for that programming no doubt.


                              Now they are entering and starting to make the change with new individual channels that are part of packages people are already paying for and should be able to get without changing hardware because they are slipping them into packages we already pay for!!!


                              Bottom line is new technology is great but service (and that is what this company is offering) should be offered to all customers MPEG2 ot MPEG4 until you decide to make the full switch over to MPEG4 distribution as people with both technology's are paying for the same services right now (via offered packages HD HD Plus etc).


                              Forcing people to make the change as one or two new channels enter the market is just not good service model in my opinion.


                              Would be nice if you are going to try and convice people to make the move based on the technology arguement that a TV service is the analogy not cellphone service it is not the same thing at all.



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                                kevinds wrote:


                                If you're going to reference other companies, I'm going to mention Bell.


                                They recently (earlier this year) switched to MPEG4 for all HD channels, everybody with an HD receiver that was not able to view MPEG4 stations, was upgraded for free to the newer models, they were shipped to the customers to swap out.

                                Here's a link in case anyone is interested.


                                Bell exchange program to replace 240,000 HD satellite receivers starts this week : Digital Home


                                Message was edited by: buckycat There is a difference though, Bell was mandated by the CRTC to add channels and the only way to do so was by switching to MPEG 4.

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                                  THe nhl ci and sunday ticket migration wasn't a choice by shaw to go mpeg4, the feeds switched causings us to provide the service moving forward in mpeg4.  But as you mentioned only a few tens of thousands of people were affected by that which shaw swapped out the box, and it is a premium service so it was in our best interest to do that.  No different than dnu as well, it is in our best interest to free up plant space to be able to launch new channels, expand vod capacity and increase broadband speeds.


                                  What i don't understand is in your opinion what justify's a service based company to give you a free box for a channel you are not able to receive.


                                  Are you frustrated because the channel was added to existing packages free of charge?  And due to hardware limitations  you are not able to receive it?


                                  Lastly, how would you and others react if shaw had not placed the 3 x mpeg4 channels In the existing package and made a new one hd plus2  (mpeg4 only) as an example that you not only had to pay to subscribe but needed the hardware as well.


                                  In one scenario customers appreciate not having to pay extra for channels being slid in, and on the other side of the spectrum you have customers upset that hardware limitations hinder.


                                  I will try and provide another analogy pertaining to a service based system.


                                  Today as a shaw direct customer VOD is available to them using their internet connection. In the VOD store if they subscribe to movie central or TMN linear channels they also get VOD content for free in those categories. Also canadian prime time channels to like global, ctv etc.  They have all the hardware required, and internet to provide access to the vod store, but when they try an order their internet speed is not sufficient enough to order the hd service but can the SD.  Saying that they have access to the channel so they can watch it is true, but what if they missed an airing, there is no repeats but it is on vod. They are paying customers for that content, and they should have access to it but certain factors are limiting them.  What does shaw do?  What can the customer do?


                                  So that this doesn't turn into an argument back and forth,  i think your initial question has been answered, and andrew and others provided solutions if wanting to make a jump to newer hardware.  As you have mentioned you will go down that road when ready, and i do understand your frustration with this.


                                  Hopefully there is a sale that you can get on and upgrade that way,



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                                    I have to laugh seriously I am laughing big time.  You are only hearing what you want to hear.  I don't think in any of my posts I have ever asked for a free box ever.  What I am complaining about is the selecting by Shaw to gradually add HD channels to packages that customers already pay for and only give access to those with the hardware upgrade.  Either change entirely to MPEG4 or supply the same service to both customers who have either MPEG2 or MPEG4 hardware simple as that.  If everthing was MPEG4 then I would make the decision to choose the provider that offers me the best service based on the new technology.


                                    What Shaw is doing to currect customers by adding one or two new channels being distributed in MPEG4 is creating a 1st class customer and 2nd class customer especially when both are paying the same price for package of channels.  Go full blown MPEG4 and I will make my decision then until that decision is made I will always express my displeasure as a customer in the current policy of 1st class and 2nd class clients.  I am a 2nd class customer right now.



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