New PVR Recommendation

Discussion created by bdobson on Nov 9, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 10, 2014 by gamerguy

I currently have a functional Motorola DCT3416 but that unit is, well, very old at this time going on more than seven years at least. My reasons for wanting a different unit is the newer units have more space to record and the MPEG4 channels.


For the time being I've just changed recording on those channels to SD but this trend will only continue and I do not expect any support to be given for having such an old piece of hardware.


Here is my dilemma, my PVR might be very, very old but it is 100% reliable when it comes to recoding my shows. I'm not willing to switch to a new unit if it cannot match 100% reliability. Second, the current Shaw hardware is behind competitors regarding features like remote access. I know the Gateway can do this this to a degree but I only have a single television and do not require that.


I have been reading nothing but problems even after update after update on the latest PVR. What are peoples recent experiences or am I better off to wait for another hardware refresh then jump in?