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Lloydminster Channel Offerings?

Question asked by shootmaster_44 on Oct 13, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2012 by shootmaster_44

I have a question, I noticed FX Canada was recently added to my cable here in Lloydminster, Alberta. This is good as Shaw should be adding all channels that offered by any other cable company in Canada (despite the fact I likely won't watch much on FX). However, Shaw still does not offer Canadian timeshifting channels (aside from Global Saskatoon and CJON from St. John's) nor does it offer Super Channel here in Lloydminster. However, these are offered in most other Shaw markets. Please tell me why these channels are continually ignored for adding, but Shaw insists on adding channels that were not offered in any market here in Lloydminster?


This is starting to get frustrating since Lloydminster was amongst the first markets for the DNU.The reason the DNU was performed according to Shaw was to free up bandwith to allow for a greater capacity for channels. I assumed when that was done that Shaw's offerings in Lloydminster would resemble the offerings in Edmonton (as the channel numbering scheme is the same largely for both markets) or Saskatoon immediately. This was not the case, please explain why this has been neglected and sees me paying $3.95 per month for 4 channels (plus the two included with the regular cable lineup), when in Edmonton $3.95 per month would get me 16 channels, doesn't make sense to me.