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Same Stupid Hacker

Question asked by jcam on Nov 18, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2014 by noah

I find it incredible that with "free" MacAfee security, Shaw's own security and all those bright internet minds working at Shaw that my email inbox gets the following message almost daily and has for about 2 years (or similar wording) Dear User To re-validate your mail account please click on the below link and enter your user id and password for maintenance and Virus Scanning, Very Important. Click here Your Mail account will be permanently terminated in a short time for failure to adhere to our urgent notice. Thank you for your cooperation. Shaw Mail Management Support © 2014 Shaw Communications. All Rights Reserved. This is almost clever in that an earlier email gives a "first warning" while this one is a "last warning". Apart from the fact that I happen to know Shaw doesn't do these kinds of messages, isn't there some way to stop this constant attack on our computers? I realize the senders are hidden behind hacked email accounts but surely a little detective work and follow-up by SHAW (not us poor customers) who supposedly has the expertise, would go a long way to halting these desperados preying on the innocent.