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Upgrading to Broadband 50 - What is the simplest, pain-free way?

Question asked by soohyun on Nov 19, 2014
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I am a High Speed 25 customer and have been pretty happy with it, but like everything else in life I feel it's time to move onto a bigger and better thing .


It looks like upgrading to Broadband 50 will do -- the only caveat is I will have to replace my old, yet reliable Motorola SB5102 modem.  I have a wireless router and set up a WiFi network at home exactly the way I want it, so I don't want the new modem touch any of my internal network settings.  I want the new modem to work just like my old one which is connecting to Internet and that's it.  Nothing more, nothing less.


So, below are my questions related to the plan upgrade and modem replacement.  Thank you in advance to everyone who helps.

  1. Is it possible for Shaw to pre-configure one of those new WiFI modems to disable the built-in router, NAT,  Wireless, DHCP etc....  a la "bridge mode" / "pass-through mode" and send it to me?  That way all I have to do will be unplugging the old modem and plugging in the new one -- can't be any simpler than that.

  2. From what I heard the Cisco DPC3825 modem is pretty good one to have.  Is the model still available, can be pre-configured as I requested above?

  3. How much extra (if any) will I pay for the new modem rental, on top of the upgraded plan monthly?