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Slow Internet

Question asked by aric_taylor on Oct 15, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2012 by randy

Last night I was trying to play a movie from my Apple Tv. It kept jumping between 2 and 7 hours to buffer enough to play... It is usually instant.


I ran a speed test on the Shaw site and my download speed was 7mb/s. I have broadband 50. I reset the router, unplugged everything and plugged back in and my download speeds were still 7mb/s.


I also ran my computer in safe mode as suggested to see if it is my computer causing the slow speed. Same result.


This morning they are up around 47mb/s.


What could have caused this drop last night? Sunday evening and a lot of people on-line? If this is the case, Shaw should update my neighbourhood as 7mb is not acceptable when I pay for 50.


P.s. Speed test was the same on both wired and wireless connections.