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Gateway external PVR question, swapping enclosure keeping same HDDs?

Question asked by donovan1214 on Nov 21, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 26, 2014 by kevinds

I currently have a working external PVR attached to my Gateway, a dual bay vantec(eSATA with usb3.0), works like a charm 99% of the time except for when the program guide is updated weekly on wednesday nights, and the GW no longer recognizes the external drive. I end up powering down the enclosure, unplugging the esata cable from the GW, restarting the enclosure (and waiting 15 seconds), and then plugging in the esata cable back into the GW. Faking a hot swap, in other words. Most of the time, the first attempt succeeds, and my life is fine for 6 3/4 days, but rarely, i have to try this several times before the drive is eventually recognized.


After doing some research, it appears my specific vantec enclosure model is the culprit, and it is the presence of the usb3.0 controller that is causing the GW to lose sight of the pvr after a reset. That same research indicates that an earlier vantec model (esata and usb2.0), NST-400MX-SR, stays connected even after the program guide update, and various people have found no issues using it as the enclosure for an external pvr.


So, my question is, can i just place my current HDDs into the NST-400MX-SR enclosure (with the dip switches set to JBOD, same as my current enclosure) and plug it into the GW, and keep my current recordings? I don't want to lose them, and as these HDDs have already been used by this specific GW, I'm hoping the different enclosure doesn't cause the GW to think it's a brand new drive.