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Has anybody had issues with speed in Winnipeg lately, especially the Riverbend area?

Question asked by teuthras on Oct 14, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2013 by shaw-matt

For the last few weeks we have been experiencing major problems with speed and consistency of the internet connection at night. We're paying for Broadband 100. Typically starting at around 8:30-9:00 PM the connection drops to, at most, 25 Mbps, and recently (as in about 15 minutes ago) has dropped as low as 5 Mbps download with an upload of 2 Mbps. Latency is also a major issue, it varies anywhere from 20 to 120 on the Shaw speedtest. One second the download speed and ping will be decent and the next they'll drop by ~30 Mbps or the ping will jump by 80 or so. When it comes to video games, this has lead to anywhere from jumps of 50 ping to jumps of 800 ping so far. There have also been issues with random disconnects while using the Playstation 3.


Nothing in the support section has been of any use, and we have tried  just about everything on our own end to fix it with no success. Does anybody have any ideas or is anybody experiencing the same problems?


I would try chat or email support except apparently the site is having issues right now. Also, how does one go about getting a replacement modem? When we upgraded to Broadband 100, we were given what I believe is a Cisco DPC3825. I believe the second port is faulty as it seems to drop the connection for a second or two every two minutes or so.