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Wifi Speeds Much Slower than LAN connection.

Question asked by shea on Oct 15, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2012 by shea

Looking for some advice.  We have only been with Shaw for about 1 month now, but I am getting really frustrated.  When I run speed test on Wifi I average 1-4Mb/s download and when I connect directly to modem I get 7-13Mb/s.  I'm on high speed 20 plan, so I think I should be doing much better when on wifi.  I tried 2 different laptops ( with wireless N) so I know the computer is not the problem.  Wireless signal is strong through out the house. Located in Steinbach, MB if that matters.


So is the wifi portion of my modem junk (SMC modem/router)?

Would setting the modem to 'bridge' mode and using my own router solve the issue?

Any suggestions?