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Slow wi-fi connection

Question asked by hasansol on Nov 29, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2014 by lesaonar

I live on second floor of a two storied house in Edmonton. Wi-fi router is on the first floor. This router is new replaced by Shaw a month ago. If I go to the first floor I get quite satisfactory internet speed but If I come back to my room on second floor it becomes slow again, sometimes even a single page does not load, and there is always frequent losing of internet connection . In my room, I did the speed test, download speed 2.5 Mbps, Upload speed 0.5 Mbps. But on the first floor, Download and upload speed are 27 Mbps & 5 Mbps respectively. Do I need to have another repeater/router on the second floor? Does Shaw provide an extra router which can work as repeater? My Internet Package: $80/month