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Portal displaying "Not Supported Mode"

Question asked by depark on Dec 1, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 14, 2015 by paul_i191


I am having a problem with one of my portals.  I just moved TV's around and now one of my portals will not display a picture or sound.  Prior to this, all the portals and TV's worked fine.  The TV is a Samsung LN-S4051D.  Now the TV display's "Not Supported Mode".


I have tried the following:


  1. Switching HDMI ports - No Joy
  2. Unplugging the portal for 30 seconds and plugging back in - No Joy
  3. Tried holding Menu + up button for 10 seconds and only get "ERR" on portal display and not the "50" stated in other posts - No Joy


Any help would be greatly appreciated.