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E-Mail set up on multiple Apple devices?

Question asked by gruntled on Dec 1, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 1, 2014 by noah

I have an iMac computer, and also use an iPhone and an iPad to retrive my mail.

I want to be able to:-

1:-check my e-mail on either of the portable devices, and if I delete an e-mail on either of them, have it deleted on the main Shaw server so that it will not subsequently down load to my iMac,

2: How do I erase from the server e-mails older than say 6 months.  I want to be able to keep a limited number of e-mails backed up on the Shaw server but not my old ones.

3: If I delete an e-mail from my i<ac, is it then also deleted from the Shaw server, and so no longer utilizing any of my storage allowance?