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Data usage questions

Question asked by sangha12 on Dec 2, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 8, 2014 by shaw-lance

We have ridiculously high usages per month, but I can honestly say we aren't using anywhere near that much. Especially considering two people use the internet on a daily basis(my brother and I). I play Xbox One (mainly Call of Duty Advanced Warfare), stream Netflix, watch Youtubes, and watch some Twitch tv. My brother does use the majority of our usage but the numbers honestly don't add up and I was wondering if anyone had any ideas why our usage is so high?


A few details for anyone that can help:


We consistently have had packet loss for many months now, and I've been told that packet loss can contribute to data usage but I'm not fully educated on it so I'm looking for help.


We used to watch a lot of Netflix(like 12+ hours a day (when my mom was really sick) but that has stopped for a few months now, and the usage is still out of this world and honestly I don't understand. From November 15th - November 28th we had 399/500 GB used and now the Shaw website updated to November 15th - November 30th and we are over 500gb, and I'm 100% sure no one has used over 100GB in 2 days.


For about a month I was staying at my cousins house, and at his house we had 3 people constantly using the internet, doing the same things I do at my house with the addition of a 3rd person and there usage was no where close to there limit so I'm just looking for some insight because trying to remain under the usage limit seems to be impossible.


Thanks for any support/information/help.