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Slow Streaming

Question asked by proulxm on Dec 3, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2014 by shaw-brayden

Hi.  I recently bought a new computer running Windows 8 and have been having severely slow download speeds ever since.  Pinging the line in seems to show reasonable speeds of 6 Mbps (even though I'm paying for 25).  I have restarted the modem and router on numerous occasions with no effect.  My other wireless devices (Android tablet & Itouch) are having the same issues so I doubt that it's the new computer affecting the streaming.  My VOIP phone using that same signal is also screwing up regularly.  When trying to stream a YouTube video for example, I get an initial surge of download and then it goes to nothing for an extended time and then starts downloading again super slow.  This same behavior shows up on a graph when I ping the line in,  Internet signal is often so slow that my computer shows it as being unavailable or"limited".  Can anyone tell me what is going on?