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Email messages not being recieved. Spam filters.

Question asked by idanby on Dec 3, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 8, 2014 by shaw-lance

SPAM filters. I am getting really frustrated with your spam filters.  I've discussed this before with your service reps, but I'm annoyed enough to discuss it again.  Your in-house filters keep junking my subscribed emails. They come from places like pcplus, london drugs, home depot, shoppers drug mart, bootlegger and other such acceptable commercial outlets.  You tell me that it means someone else has reported them as spam. I say that isn't good enough. I sign up for these emails for a reason. If they are getting reported as NOT spam they should be taken OFF the spam filter list, not just left to disappear into the Ethernet because some idiot can’t be bothered to unsubscribe. I'm having to go onto my mail at webmail level to check my email almost every day, to check the junk mail, to find my missing mail. I don't like it. And some of my mail isn't even showing up at THAT level. It's not that hard for people to set up their own filter to get rid of this stuff if they don't want it, or better yet, unsubscribe to the legitimate ones they may inadvertently subscribed to. I want this fixed. This is a big, big issue with me. There should be a way to mark this stuff safe so it comes to my email address if I want it. There seems to be all sorts of ways to mark it as bad, but I am having trouble finding any way to mark it as safe so I get it.