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Shaw/gmail problem

Question asked by on Dec 10, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 10, 2014 by [shaw]ali

I posted earlier and thought I had solved the problem. Gmail had changed pop3 to imap, I changed it back to pop3 and thought all was well.  Problem is still there and is outlined in text below to gmail forum.  Can you assist?    Jack


About 3 weeks ago I tried gmail for a day. Gmail indicated they would be transferring my incoming email to gmail from my POP3 server. I use thunderbird and shawmail.  After two days I decided I didn't like gmail and closed my gmail account (jacklitbc). Emails did not appear in my old server.  It had been changed from POP to IMAP for gmail which is normal so I changed it back to POP.  I get some emails but others are received but disappear from the server. This seems to be random.


What I think is happening is somehow gmail is still accessing my account along with my TB client.  If gmail accesses if first it is transferred to gmail and I never see it.  If TB accesses is first it appears in my client. Regardless of the settings on TB all messages are removed from my server after a few minutes. (I can access them by using the "View deleted messages".  


Is this possible?  If so how do I stop gmail from contacting my server.  I probably should have used a different method of stopping gmail.