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Extremely slow connection to work VPN from shaw network

Question asked by andrewg on Oct 17, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2012 by shaw-matt

I am experiencing difficulty with the speed of my VPN connection to my employer (a university). I require this to do some of my job from home, and it has become almost unusable now (issues started late this summer, I believe - I was not using it as much then, so wasn't entirely sure when it started). I tried getting assistance from the Shaw support chat, but they told me they can't support external VPN issues and also said there were no network issues that should be causing the problem.


I'm on the BB100 plan. I have been using using an Airport Extreme (802.11n) in bridge mode, connected to the Shaw SMC router.


I did a series of tests to isolate the issue. Using my home wireless connection I was able to get 24 MB/s download speed, and 4.7 MB/s up. Once connected to the VPN my speed dropped immediately to 2.24 MB/s down and 0.06 MB/s up.


I connected directly to the router (SMC model) with ethernet instead of wireless, with similar results (though a higher download speed with no VPN, expected as it wasn't wireless).


I then used my iPhone to connect to and got normal results - the VPN was a little slower, but only a few percent, and upload speeds were almost 1 MB/s using 3G. I can also connect just fine to the VPN using the same laptop on the campus network. I also tested this on several computers, Mac and PC, with the same issues.


I asked Shaw to bridge the SMC router in case it was causing issues and turned on NAT on the Airport (bridge mode off on it). All tests showed the same results.


Any suggestions? I'm at a loss to how to proceed here. It is obviously an issue on the side either of my modem or the Shaw network.


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