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Improving Webmail 2.0

Question asked by flappy_dogman on Oct 17, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2012 by shaw-matt

I sent this message as a feedback to Shaw, but thought I start a discussion about it here in the community:

While the 2.0 seems like a great upgrade (with some apparent bugs without ETA for fixes), I do like to point out a UX issue which I feel can be fixed quick.


The rows of listing grid can do with more height. The current size is too thin for a user to readily scan through the lists, and too small for clickable area. My whole family thinks this, and even a few of us who are yet to be migrated to the 2.0 wish they would ever be.

On that note, maybe Shaw can offer the option for users to switch to what mail version they want like how Yahoo allows.


What do you guys think?


- Immanuel