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Periodic connection drop

Question asked by johnsonbaugh on Dec 17, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 25, 2014 by kevinds

I've been having a lot of connection problems recently starting around three weeks ago.  I have made no changes to my setup or activity in that time.  For science, I timed the outages with a continuous ping and it was surprisingly consistent.  Starting at the end of an outage, times in minutes:seconds.


4:28 up

0:21 down

4:41 up

0:21 down

4:39 up

0:25 down

4:36 up

0:19 down


at this point I waited a minute and then power cycled the modem.  It took about two minutes to come back up.  After that I waited a minute and a half until the next outage for a total of 4:38 up.  So the pattern is consistent even when the modem is reset.


0:19 down

4:37 up

0:18 down


This is on a direct wired connection to the modem.  I see no obvious changes to the modem lights during outages.  It is happening all the time and makes most games unplayable.  Anecdotally a friend of mine in a building a block away reports the same behaviour, so this is potentially something outside my building and affecting a lot of people.