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Port Forwarding issues

Question asked by nmischuk on Dec 20, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 30, 2014 by [shaw]heather

Ok so peculiar issue with a surfboard SBG6782 i am trying to forward select ports to various systems on my lan to be accessed from outside.


I have successfully set up 6 ports for one machine and am trying to setup 3 ports for another machine. No matter what i try in the port forwarding screen will it actuall activate the port forwarding. The router is saying that the ports are forwarded by having the toggle set to yes and the external ip address is in fact set to i have tried to communicate with the port by means of an online port check tool but it consistently says that they are closed.


This is not the case for all the ports tho all of the ports that i have made to are forwarded fine but when i try to add another port to the it does not work an attempts to add additional ports result in being closed by the online tool


If i try to add a port forward rule to say with a different set of ports the port scanning tool says that the port is infact closed.


As per the attached print screen