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What do the front panel indicator lights mean?

Question asked by doug.s on Dec 23, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 25, 2014 by kevinds

I have searched everywhere that I can think of and have been unable to find definitions of what each front panel indicator light on the main gateway box (not a portal box) mean.


A couple are obvious, such as the power on indicator and the red light that goes on when it is recording. What about the others?

From left to right:

  • Main row:
    • Power on indicator
    • an arrow pointing down ???
    • an arrow pointing up ???
    • two curved arrows forming a circle ???
    • weird lines ??? (always seems to be flashing)(suspect it means active network traffic when it is flashing)
    • a hexagon with a dot in the middle ???
    • red recording in progress indicator
  • Row below main row:
    • looks sort of like ((i)), directly below the recording indicator. ??? (wireless icon???, and if yes, why is it on and can I turn it off?)

Also, I wonder if there are other indicators that just have never yet been illuminated when I have been observing.


Can anyone point me to a reference that thoroughly and completely describes the front panel of the MG5225G?