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Shaw Go Movie Central App

Question asked by mcshaw on Oct 22, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2012 by mcshaw

There is a serious flaw in the Shaw Go Movie Central App (v. 1.1.0 Id: 3723196538021111012477590).  The Default settings/preferences are "Allow 3G Playback" (ON) while at the same time it sets the "3G Playback Warning" of (OFF).  This is exactly backwards of what it should be.  What's worse is, even if you take the time to change the settings manually it will reset them back to the settings described above once you power off you iPhone.


I learned this the hard way.  After watching an episode of "Strike Back" on my iPhone the other night (well within the range of my Shaw WiFi) I got a text message from my Cell phone provider that I had exceeded my Data Usage for the month!!!!  I can only conclude that the App ignored my WiFi connection and defaulted to 3G Network and thanks to those settings described above, I had no idea.  I plan to delete this App right away.  I hope this issue gets corrected before other people experience this costly lesson.


P.S. - I never come close to exceeding my data usage on my cell phone plan.