IPv6 Status

Discussion created by nottin on Dec 29, 2014
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It has been about half a year since this was last discussed, and I'm just wondering if there's any progress with IPv6 roll-out for regular customers.

If there's a beta program or something I can join, that'd be awesome.


Please give us something more than "soon". We don't need specific dates, but something like Q1 2015 or 1H 2015 would be appreciated.


Canada is severely lagging behind when compared to other industrialized countries.

Google is reporting about 0.53% usage in Canada and to compare with a few other countries:

US: over 14% and climbing very fast

Germany: over 14% and climbing very fast

France: About 6%

Switzerland: over 11%

Belgium: over 33%!


I think it's about time Shaw puts some priority into this and stop being in the past.

And please, do offer /56 subnets to those who request them. There's no reason not to with the amount of address space available.


Thank you!