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SMTP settings in Thunderbird

Question asked by leftcoast on Oct 22, 2012
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I'm attempting to get Thunderbird 16.0.1 set up as my email client on a new laptop. I can receive mail but can't send. Doing some research, this seems like a common problem, but none of the suggested solutions have worked for me.


The first error message I encounter says: "Login to server failed" Choosing "cancel" brings up the message below (other options are "enter new password" and "retry" but both loop me back to the same error).


Sending of message failed.

The message could not be sent using SMTP server for an unknown reason. Please verify that your SMTP server settings are correct and try again, or contact your network administrator.


Here are the settings I'm currently using:


Server Name:

Port: 587

Authentication Method: Normal password

Connection Security: STARTTLS


Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!